Become Data Driven

data driven organizations are...
More efficient.
More profitable.
Make less mistakes.
Capitalize on opportunities.

Become data driven

Let’s not overcomplicate this.
data is simple - strings, dates and numbers!


Building Blocks of Data - Strings, Your Foundation
Strings are your names, descriptors, addresses and notes. Strings are meaningful for making sense of data within analytics. Strings are really the foundation of your data because without names, descriptors, tags and labels, well it's impossible to make sense of anything.
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Building Blocks of Data - Numbers, Your Measurement
Numbers are the data that is fed into all our fancy formulas for our KPIs. Numbers are how we measure everything under the sun, and when crunched by our formulas, and subsequently dimensioned and filtered by our strings and dates, tell us how we are performing.


Building Blocks of Data - Dates, Your Clock
Every event has to occur at some moment in time, at least in life as we currently know it. Dates and times are your clock and in analytics primarily help us to understand if our KPIs are headed in the right, or wrong, direction.

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Become Data Driven