See your data for the first time

Our proprietary ECHO platform allows you to actually see your data for the first time. Most of our clients say, "that's not our data". You can't fix what you can't see.
Initial Sync
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Initial Sync

See your data like never before

Once you've seen your data, now we fix it, cleanse it, enrich it and now you can see the power and the potential of your data.

Now you're ready

Now you're ready to put your data to use. Now you're ready to become a data-driven business!
Enrich your data

Your data. Your data model.

After we see your data, fix your data and enrich your data, we use your data.

Own your data

The Data Group’s first goal is to help our clients achieve total agency over their data in a wholly-owned data warehouse that provides a single version of the truth. We accomplish this through our proprietary ALPHA platform and our partnership with Snowflake - the world’s leading data warehousing platform.
While we work on accomplishing owning your data we begin exposing your data to you through our proprietary ECHO platform so you can finally see all of your data clearly. This exposing process helps us all identify the garbage, the problems, and the places where your data needs to be enriched to provide you with that ultimate one version of the truth data warehouse.

Discover your data

Use your data

Finally, through our proprietary FOXTROT platform we develop an API over your one version of the truth data warehouse so you can actually use this data to make better decisions and streamline operations. Using our FOXTROT no-code API platform we can develop a secure, audited and performant REST API in days (not months and years) so that you finally use your company’s most valuable asset to its full potential.

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Discover your data - Visibility, Cleanup, Enrich

Having access to clean, enriched, and visible data is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions. At the Data Group, we think we do this better than anyone and we share our special sauce to show you how.
October 28, 2023