Our No-Code FOXTROT API platform means we can launch your custom, secure API in days (instead of months and years). FOXTROT is truly a revolutionary platform that enables us to launch your fully operational REST API without the traditional, complex and time-consuming process of coding your API.


FOXTROT's security features enable you to add simple or complex security to all your APIs with a few mouse clicks. Natively supporting:

  • JWT
  • Basic Auth
  • OAuth 2.0
  • 2-way SSL


FOXTROT's native data validation feature elevates the API experience by ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data flowing through the APIs.


FOXTROT's built-in pagination features means every API call can be paginated to enable easy navigation through large volumes of data.


FOXTROT's built-in filtering allows for data filters within a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, standardized syntax that allows users to precisely pinpoint the data they need.


FOXTROT's integrated detailed logging meticulously logs all API activities, offering a comprehensive view that can be pivotal to both security and performance.


FOXTROT alerts are a game-changer in proactive API management, offering an automated alert system that keeps users informed about crucial data changes and errors in real-time. Alerts acts as an early warning system, sending notifications whenever there's a significant event or anomaly in your API environment.


FOXTROT webhooks can be created with just a few clicks. Whether you're looking to trigger real-time updates, connect disparate systems, or automate routine tasks, Foxtrot's custom webhooks provide a hassle-free solution.

With your FOXTROT API you are free to build develop data-driven portals, apps and integrations

Data Driven Portals

Develop customer, vendor and internal operations portals as fast as you can dream them with FOXTROT powering your data.

Seamlessly Integrate

Integrate your operational platforms to increase efficiency, enhance your customer's experience and maximize profitability.

No-code REST API platform

Fully RESTful API
JSON and XML support

Multiple types of tenant-based authentications.

Basic Auth
OAuth 2.0
2-way SSL

Data validations

Built-in Pagination

Data filters simple and RHS bracket filters

Alerts on all kinds of data errors with Notifications

Webhooks Build your own webhooks just with a few clicks

Logging & Tracking

Instantly create a REST API over any database

Databases & On-Premise
SQL Server
Cloud Databases
Create a New API
Assign Project No.
Scheduled auto sync
Every hour
Webhook Endpoints
RESTful Description
Successful Connection

Transform Your Database Objects

Instant RESTful API Creation: Expose your database objects as RESTful endpoints with a single click. No manual API coding, no fuss. Launch your API tomorrow!

Powerful API data Filtering

Smart Pagination:
Handle large datasets effortlessly with FOXTROT’s smart pagination feature. Navigate through your data with ease and optimize your app’s performance.
Where-based filtering:
Complex Search Functionality: Find exactly what you’re looking for. With FOXTROT’s powerful search functionality, combine filters and clauses to pinpoint the data you need, all without coding.
Powerful Data Filtering:
Get precise results with FOXTROT’s advanced filtering options. Perform complex queries without writing a single line of code.
Edit your Project
Save & Sync

Empower Your Business with Powerful RESTful APIs Without Writing a Single Line of Code. Experience the Future of No Code API Platforms Today!

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