Load data from anywhere

Load data from on-premise
Simulate a common data lake ingestion pipeline.
Load data from databases
Extract data, transform it, and load the resulting data into anywhere.
Load data from files & mainframe
Fine-tuned permission control from files into encrypted data.
Load data from the cloud
Create snapshots and import your data anywhere.

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A proud Snowflake partner

We partner with the world's leading data warehouse provider.
Project Data sources

ETL from Anywhere

ALPHA is the most advanced ETL platform on the market. We often use ALPHA to extract data from a location other ETLs tools can't, format the data and send it to our customer's ETL tool in a format that it can handle. Give us your ETL challenge and we'll solve it with ALPHA!

Cloud or On-Prem

ALPHA is designed to extract and load data from both cloud or on-premise systems in a secure, encrypted, and compliant manner.

Load and Synch

ALPHA is designed to handle massive data loading jobs - pulling years of historical data from massive CRMs and ERPs - and loading that data into Snowflake or any cloud based data warehouse. And ALPHA is also designed to continually refresh your data warehouse from all the same sources to keep your warehouse current, relevant and decision ready!


ALPHA is a fully-managed platform. So, sit back, relax - we got this! Your data warehouse is always loaded, refreshed and relevant with our fully-managed ALPHA platform.

Initial Sync

Start your initial data load with us

ALPHA loads your data from on-premise, databases, files & mainframes, cloud and more into Snowflake to create your data warehouse.

Synchronization load with up to date connections

ALPHA synchronizes your data from all of the locations every day to keep your data current and relevant and up-to-date.
Sync your Data
Connection Schedule
Create API Endpoints automatically
Every hour
Shift Cycle data connections
Every hour
Connect on route
Every hour
Scheduled auto sync
Every hour

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October 28, 2023