10K Job Posting Sites, sourced every day

Never Out of Date

Our data is current market conditions sourced immediately from job ads. Every day.


Historical Salary Data since 2016


Up to 11,000 job attributes


Million Distinct Companies

667 Million

Jobs in our database

24.2 Million

New Jobs added each month

59 Contries

Are surveyed in our database

75 Million Jobs are added Annually in the USA

Over 75 Million job listings from the USA market with customizable API connections to create a HR Cloud data warehouse to power your job data.

25 Million Jobs are added Annually from Europe

Over 25 Million job listing sites are imported from the European market as fast as you can dream them. Use the Data Group's HR Cloud for your next data housing project.

No-code REST API platform

Fully RESTful API
JSON and XML support

Multiple types of tenant-based authentications.

Basic Auth
OAuth 2.0
2-way SSL

Data validations

Built-in Pagination

Data filters simple and RHS bracket filters

Alerts on all kinds of data errors with Notifications

Webhooks Build your own webhooks just with a few clicks

Logging & Tracking

The proof is in our partners that use our salary data, the two largest HR consultancies:

Our proprietary extraction Technology Organizes, Categorizes, Normalizes

Databases & On-Premise
SQL Server
Cloud Databases
Categorizing Data
Job Postings
Scheduled auto sync
Every hour
Global job postings
Connecting your data sources everywhere.
Job Connection Auto Sync is On

Sourcing Job data Globally from 59 Countries

Never out of date, and changes to all global job postings from the selected data schema to include:
  • Job titles
  • Company Names
  • Location
  • Checks salary levels
  • Immediately eliminates duplicates
  • Ensures timeline integrity
  • Eliminates garbage

Other well-known brands that depend on our data include:

Empower Your HR with Data Group HR Cloud.